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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

  Course Name
  Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
  The Effects of Dementia on the Brain
  Providing Care for Someone with Dementia
  How Attitudes and the Environment Affect Agitation and Aggression
  Understanding the Physical Causes of Agitation and Aggression
  Bathing and Showering Someone with Dementia
  Identifying and Assessing Aggression
  Caring for an Aggressive Person

Seniors and Aging

  Course Name
  Physical Changes of Aging
  Effects of Aging on Emotions and the Five Senses
  Elder Abuse and Neglect
  Proper Skin Care and Bathing
  Assisting Stroke Patients
  Caring for Individuals with ALS
  Dental and Oral Care

Infection Control

  Course Name
  How to Prevent Pressure Ulcers
  Proper Hand Washing
  How to Protect Against Infection
  Recognizing Common Infections


  Course Name
  Back Anatomy and Body Mechanics
  Transferring People the Right Way
  Assistive Devices to Help Seniors and People with Disabilities
  Being Safe While Bringing Care Home
  Recognizing Signs of Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion and Hypothermia
  Handling Emergencies
  Incident Reporting

Medication and Pain

  Course Name
  A Pill’s Journey: How Medications Work
  Detecting and Understanding Levels of Pain
  The Aide's Role in Palliative Care and Pain Management

Independence & Confidentiality

  Course Name
  Understanding HIPAA and Confidentiality
  Understanding Activities of Daily Living
  Understanding Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
  Consumer Choice and Independent Living Philosophy

End-of-Life Care

  Course Name
  Understanding Hospice Care


  Course Name
  Depression: Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms
  Maintaining Boundaries with a Consumer
  Understanding Family Dynamics
  Health Coaching: Helping People Manage Their Chronic Conditions
  Ethical Behaviors - What's Right and Wrong
  Caring for the Hearing Impaired and Deaf
  Caring for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  Understanding Pennsylvania’s Homecare Agency and Registry Licensure
  Building Relationships
  Assisting People with Behavioral Health Issues
  Family Resources
  Importance of Nutrition and Diet for Good Health